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Weight Management

Our next 12 Week Weight Management Programme starts Monday 21st November 2022 and you must be available for all three days so that you can take part in two fitness sessions and one education session a week, all three days will be over a lunch period, which might be able to make it more flexible if you have work commitments during the day.

Monday’s and Thursday’s at 12pm will be Fitness Sessions with Damien

Friday’s at 12pm will be Education Session with Stacey

This programme has been designed for adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or above, who want to be a healthier weight.

This programme is not suitable for under 18 years of age, pregnant or in a healthy weight range.

The group will contain 10 people and will be a mixture of males and females, every week each group for 12 weeks will have one educational session and two semi-private group fitness sessions of approximately one hour long, to help them on their weight management journey.

Eating a healthy diet and planning meals is an important part of the weight loss journey, so each participant will receive a copy every 4 weeks of our very own recipe e-book.

Every 4 weeks we'll take measurements to see how each participant is getting on towards meeting their target.

To help participants plan their activities and keep track of their progress we’ve designed some documents for them to use on the 12 weeks that will correspond with the educational sessions:

Lifestyle Diary

Wellbeing Target Sheet

Meal Planner

Weekly Journal

Activity Tracker

Variety of handouts to correspond with individual education session

With the permission of Crosby Collective, we will also be adding in a Cooking Class around week 7 of the Education session.

If you wish to sign up for fully funded space and can commit to the days and times, please let us know so we can get some relevant paperwork completed for you, email

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What Our Clients Say

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Your Wellbeing Participant

Thank you to New Beginnings for supporting us to look at health, nutrition and fitness as a lifestyle and not a diet. I feel more confident in myself with the knowledge and guidance I've gained here.

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