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Adele Walker

Semi-Permanent Make up Technician

Hi I am Adele I am a fully qualified Semi-Permanent Make up Technician and was Trained to the highest industry standards by the leaders in the Permanent Make up world; Nouveau Contour.
She has over five years broad ranging experience within the Beauty Industry and has gained extensive knowledge and skills within this field . Her passion and enthusiasm to extend her knowledge and skills led her to develop in all aspects of beauty treatments including the use of laser equipment. She continued this development to become a Semi-Permanent Make up technician.
Due to the vast array of products and constantly improving techniques within the Semi-Permanent Make up Industry, Adele continues to extend her knowledge by regularly attending numerous workshops and seminars. In this way Adele is constantly able to offer the ultimate levels of service and skills available. 
Adele uses the most up to date digital equipment from Nouveau Contour, to ensure the highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety. She has been trained to use the latest techniques available to ensure every client will have the very best experience of Semi-Permanent Make up.
Adele is extremely passionate about her work and prides herself on being a perfectionist. Her insistence on professionalism and client satisfaction at all times is evidenced by the growing number of clientele returning for additional treatments.

Treatments offered

Eyebrows - Natural Hair stroke effect or a powder enhancement

Covering of Scars in Brows

Lash Enhancement top

Lash Enhancement Bottom

Lash Enhancement Bottom & top

Lash Enhancement & Fine Eyeliner

Baby Flick Eyeliner

Lip Contour ( Lip Line )

Lip Blush ( Lip Line with a Blend )

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Damien Smith: TeamMember
Adele Walker
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