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Professional Eyebrows

Beauty Therapies with Adele

Price List

Beauty Treatments



HD Brows - £20

Semi-Permanent Hair Stroke Brows - £150 (including 4 week top up)

Combination Brows - Hair Stroke & Shading - £170 (including 4 week top up)

12 month Top Up / Colour Boost - £120


Semi-Permanent Lip Liner - £100

Semi-Permanent Lip Liner & Blush - £150


Semi-Permanent Top Eye Liner - £100

Semi-Permanent Lower Eye Liner - £100

Semi-Permanent Top & Lower Eye Liner (Booked together) - £150



Laser Removal 

with AW3 Laser Machine 

All types of hair removal available - prices on request

Tattoo Removal including Semi-Permanent Brow - prices on request

Skin Discolouration / Pigmentation / Sun Spot Removal - prices on request


Frequently Asked Questions

What  are the benefits from having Semi-Permanent Make up?
You are able to wake up each morning looking radiant without feeling the need to apply make up. It's ideal for people with hectic lifestyles as you will save huge amounts of time.You are able to exercise or go swimming without having to worry about applying make up or smudging your existing make up. There will be no need to apply make up throughout the day when it would normally have faded. Clients that are not able to grow eyebrow hair due to over plucking or illness will most definitely benefit from having an eyebrow procedure. Suffers of Alopecia will benefit greatly from an eyebrow procedure.
What happens during a Semi-Permanent Make up procedure?
After an initial consultation, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area whilst suitable colours and shapes are discussed.The pigment is then placed into the skin and depending on the area, will usually take up to 2 hours. Upon completion of the procedure, a healing balm will be applied to the area.
What is the recovery time?
Normal activities may be resumed immediately after the procedure. However, healing time is usually around 7 days although each individuals healing time may vary.


Immediately after treatment there may be some redness and swelling which subsides within 48 hours. The colour may be up to 40% darker than the healed result.
Within a few days after having a procedure, the skin can become dry and flaky until approximately 7 days after the treatment. Some clients can experience loss of colour and patchy areas of pigment after 1 week and the colour will begin to develop over the next few weeks of healing. In some cases the colour may not heal evenly and so a touch up procedure is usually required 4 - 6 weeks after your initial treatment.
In some cases we have found Permanent Cosmetics may not be suitable for all clients. Over the years of carrying out these procedures we have found that some thicker skins, oily skins and clients on medication or undergoing chemotherapy may have poor colour retention. Some skins will not accept the pigment as well as others and so we will advise if we feel an extra top up procedure is needed.
Additional top ups are carried out at a small cost and due to the trauma of the skin we do not advise needle work more than a few times over the course of a year.

How long does Semi-Permanent make up last?
Some pigment will stay in the skin permanently, however, over time, the pigment will fade so a Colour Boost procedure can be carried out every 12 - 18 months to keep your make up looking fresh.
Every clients skin is very different and so some may need to return sooner than the 12 - 18 months for a colour boost.
Will I have an Allergic Reaction?
A skin patch test is required pre procedure to ensure no reaction occurs. However, Nouveau Contour Pigments are of the highest grade quality and are hypoallergenic, so allergic reactions are extremely rare.
Will Semi-Permanent Make up hurt? 
A topical numbing cream will be applied to the area before carrying out any procedure, to ensure minimal discomfort. A second topical numbing cream will be applied during the procedure so pain is kept to absolute minimal. Many clients find the procedure completely pain free.



Adele offers free consultations. A consultation will allow you to get a full understanding of the treatment and you can have any of your questions answered.. 

You can contact Adele at: 07864 978971 or by clicking the button below

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