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I Am BeYoutiful

After School Empowerment Program for Girls

Are you a Year 7 to Year 11 girl in North Lincolnshire?


Join us for "I Am BeYoutiful," our exciting after-school program where fun activities meet empowerment! At New Beginnings Personal Training and Wellness Facility, we believe in creating a space where girls can be inspired, confident, and embrace their uniqueness.


Program Highlights:

1. Empowering Environment:

Join us for empowering sessions surrounded by inspiring women.

Leave each session feeling confident, inspired, and knowing yourself better.

2. Be Yourself, Love Yourself:

Embrace who you are and be beautifully different.

Our aim is to equip teenage girls with the courage to be themselves.

3. Fitness for Self-Love:

Participate in health and fitness sessions designed to boost self-esteem.

Accept your perfect imperfections and recognize your beauty as you are.

4. Combatting Low Self-Esteem:

Studies show 61% of 10 to 17-year-old girls in the UK have low self-esteem.

Our mission is to help girls see the beauty inside themselves.

5. 'I Am BeYoutiful' After-School Program:

Mondays: 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm (except bank holidays)

Wednesdays: 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm

Cost: £3 per session

6. Girl Talk Sessions:

Need to talk? Our Girl Talk sessions provide a safe space to chat with our coaches.

Address anything on your mind and feel supported by our coaching squad.

7. #heygirl #girlgang:

You're not alone! Join our squad of girls embracing their uniqueness.

Share the journey with others who appreciate and celebrate differences.


Join the Movement: The future is in the hands of the next generation of girls, and we're here to encourage, inspire, nurture, empower, and support them. Become part of "I Am BeYoutiful" and discover the beauty within yourself.


Let's redefine beauty, boost self-esteem, and create a community of empowered girls. See you at our 'I Am BeYoutiful' after-school sessions! #heygirl #girlgang

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Whos Involved

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Alarming Facts

Being a teenage girl in the world today is a challenge. Trying to fit the mould and conforming to the pressure of friends, media and celebrities makes it difficult to retain individuality and trust that just being you is good enough.  Young girls are not sure when it is the right time to assert themselves, what is the ‘correct’ way to behave or look, how to say ‘no’ and be confident in their choices, when to speak out and how to allow their own personality to shine through.


We have a generation of teenage girls who lack pride and confidence in their own skin. Some females feel they are not able to speak out in front of others and who fear that by doing so they will be bullied or singled out. Young women are too afraid to be labelled as bossy or too confused to be themselves. Low levels of self-esteem, poor body image and confusion surround our younger female population.


1.   “One fifth of 14-year-old girls [actually 22%] in UK ‘self-harm'”, reported BBC News today on Wednesday August 29 2018.

2.   Between 600,000 and 725,000 people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder. Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are serious mental health problems.

3.   89% of girls have dieted by age 17.

4.   The suicide rate among women between the ages of 20 and 24 is at its highest point on record, with 118 women in this age group taking their own lives in 2016, compared with 67 in 2006 – a rise of 76 percent.

5.   Rates of overdosing on painkillers or anti-depressants have increased in recent years, with greater increases in young women and girls compared with young men and boys.

6.   “One in four British girls hit by depression at 14 as experts blame increase in cyber bullying and academic pressure,” says the Sun after a large study found 24% of 14-year-old girls in the UK report symptoms of depression.



As a result of the unprecedented pressure being placed upon teenage girls by society, New Beginnings Personal Training and Wellness Facility, Foxhills Outwood and The St Lawrences Academy has devised a programme called ‘I Am BeYoutiful’. It aims to empower and inspire teenage girls in North Lincolnshire from by providing strong female role models, from different walks of life, who will help to begin to look at who they are, why they should be proud and confident and how to allow their own personality – whoever that may be – to shine.

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