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Health Clinic

At New Beginnings

“Our mission is to help our clients understand their bodies better, providing them with the tools to take control of their health and improve their long term wellbeing."

Health Screening & Lifestyle Consultation 

This lifestyle consultation is focused on helping you take greater control over your health and wellbeing, and includes the following:



Blood Pressure

Resting Heart Rate

Lung Function & Peak Expiratory Flow Rate


Basal Metabolic Rate

Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Calories Macronutrients

Body Fat %

Body Muscle %

Visceral Fat

Body Mass Index

Waist Girth and Waist to Hip Ratio

Cardiorespiratory Assessment

Strength Assessment

Posture & Flexibility Assessment


Blood Tests

Add in our scientific and confidential dried blood spot tests to empower you with the hard facts to make informed decisions about your personal health.

Our Balance Test

Start your health journey

This is the foundation of our tests and provides you with accurate readings of 11 fatty acid levels in your blood. The analysis is independently managed, and the results are completely anonymous.

The test includes personalised recommendations and guidelines on how to restore the essential Omega-6:3 balance in your body and move forward on your health journey.

RRP £155

New Beginnings Price £109

HbA1c Test

Take charge of your future health today

Knowledge is power. Our HbA1c test puts your personal health status on the radar and find out if your current lifestyle is sustainable, or if you need to take action now for lasting health. We'll determine your long-term blood sugar levels in the context of your diet and overall habits and guide you towards a future of well-being.

The test includes a lifestyle assessment with personalised recommendations on own diet, activities and exercise.

RRP £69

New Beginnings Price £46

Vitamin D Test

Shine a light on your health

Monitor your levels of the sunshine nutrient throughout the year and determine whether the sun is doing its job or if you need help to improve your vital Vitamin D levels.

The test includes personalised recommendations on how to top up with just as much Vitamin D as your body needs.

RRP £69

New Beginnings Price £46


All three added into Health Screening & Lifestyle Consultation

RRP £288

New Beginnings Price £180


To book in at the Health Clinic you can contact us at:

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