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Happiness Co-ordinator

Hello my name is Maximus, I am the Happiness Coordinator at New Beginnings Personal Training and Wellness Facility, with nearly 5 years experience under my collar, I truly feel that I was born to do this!

My role consists of giving you a warm loud welcome as you enter the facility, this is so everyone knows that you are here and that we can not wait to get started with your session today.

I love supervising the clients and been the biggest cheerleader in the room to help you with motivation (this includes licking, kissing and cuddles).  I will help you with your warm up, especially if you have just had your body measurements done as you will need to retrieve your trainers and your socks of me!

I will also provide you with any leaflets I feel you may need from our waiting room, I apologise if these are a bit wet, I have tried my best to bring them to you carefully, I may bring you a few to share with your friends too.


And just so you don't forget that you have had the luxury of me with you on your session I will let you leave with a little memento which is my beautiful golden hair all over your clothes!

Maximus' Qualifications and Education:

New Beginnings Personal Training and  Wellness Facility Apprenticeship Scheme


Training at Swain Dog School includes:

How to give paw and other paw


Lay down

Through legs (under)

Roll over




Maximus' Experience:

Happiness Coordinator for nearly 5 years

Lindsey Lodge 2022 - 1st Place Most Obedient

Scawby Gala 2022 - 4th Place Most Handsome Boy

Scawby Gala 2022 - 2nd Place Best Paw Shaker

Scawby Gala 2022 - 2nd Place Temptation Alley

Maximus' Skills:

Catching a ball

Showing you how to eat mindlessly rather then mindfully as I eat my food in under 1 minute

Demonstrating how to get a good sleep

Pinching trainers and socks when you get your body measurements done (this is an AMAZING warm up!)

Kisses especially if you are doing floor exercises or are on the leg press machine

Warm hugs & cuddles

Making people happy

Maximus: TeamMember
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