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New Beginnings

School Programmes

 New Beginnings offer essential, curriculum-based workshops for improving physical and mental wellbeing.


These workshops are available both in-school or at our New Beginnings Wellness Facility.

Eating Watermelon

Health Workshops

New Beginnings Healthy Workshops are differentiated throughout, increasing in difficulty as pupils progress through the key stages. Pupils are challenged to stretch themselves beyond their existing knowledge and experience of healthy living as they solve problems, answer thought-provoking questions and complete tasks.


The wide range of activities we provide ensure all pupils can access our workshops, irrespective of their age or ability. Activities are stimulating and engaging with the key message being to look after our bodies and keep healthy.


Topics include: the human body, healthy eating, balanced diet, nutritional values, importance of physical activity, teeth, hygiene, sleep, household safety, alcohol & drugs (KS3+) and making informed choices. 


We can provide our own locally produced fruit and vegetables at an extra cost in the Health Workshops (Axholme Produce).

Fitness Sessions & Workshops

New Beginnings provide a fun-packed, non-stop, fast-paced, sweat inducing session that motivates pupils to understand that keeping active is a vital part of staying healthy. Our aim is to encourage children to choose active lifestyles and to help them realise that being active and choosing to participate in exercise can be a lot of fun.



By using play and travelling movements we heavily encourage our Mini-SuperKids to explore how their bodies move through themed lessons, learning how to move and lift items in daily life. We create, fun, challenging and exciting activities using safe objects to raise heart rates, develop self-confidence and encourage smiles! 



Here, we begin to progress our SuperKids on to more dynamic, plyometric movements with the introduction of more gym related equipment. Good technique and form are further explored to develop strength and stamina, whilst participating in fun workouts or team challenges. Using a variety of formats, children learn more about their bodies and muscles, then apply that knowledge to exercises in sessions and sports outside of the sessions. 



With our KS2 groups, we begin to really focus on building up repetition exercise - increasing weights and targeting specific muscle groups. We infuse invasion games into each session to emphasise the link between functional training and team sports. We discuss nutrition and healthy food choices as well as what types of food we can eat to fuel workouts, sports and performance.



In our KS3 sessions we mix the programme up with strength-based skill sections followed up with a variety of AMRAP, EMOM and circuit style workouts that vary in time length according to group size and ability. Children really focus on their lifting form using kids Olympic lifting bars, kettlebells, pull up bars and free weights. We also test and score groups on fitness tests such as the MSF test, individual and competition workouts and explosive power movement tests.



For the oldest group in our programme, we further tailor each programme specific to that group. By delivering a consultation session we learn about individual/group goals and what they specifically want to improve. We then implement a plan for the sessions to target the development of their strength, stamina, speed, agility as well as overall fitness. 

Child Psycholgist
Child Psycholgist

Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops

We are proud to have successfully delivered our Mental Health and Wellness Workshops at our New Beginnings Facility and are now offering them to various schools in North Lincolnshire, focusing on positively improving children’s mental health and ways in which we can encourage schools and their pupils to talk about mental health issues. More importantly we deliver engaging and fun tasks that get children to explore their own feelings and how to manage their thoughts, as well as develop self-confidence and self-esteem.


We can run the mental health and wellbeing workshops hand in hand with fitness-based sessions to help children recognise the importance of exercise and moving to maintain a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.


Some of the areas covered in our Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops are:

Introducing emotional and physical wellbeing

Feelings and emotions – how to safely manage emotions

Self-esteem and self-confidence

Building confidence - I am me, I am unique, I am awesome!

Exploring emotions of others

Exploring positive socialising skills and support networks

Team/Staff Fitness Sessions

Do your staff/team need to release some stress? Do you want to make your team feel more valued?

School Team/Staff Sessions

These can help staff feel more appreciated and help recognise the important work they do every day. These sessions are fun, energetic but also giving teachers a little ‘I AM AWESOME’ feeling. 


New Beginnings School Team/Staff Sessions

Your staff/team can come to our New Beginnings Fitness Studio where we can cater for all ages and abilities within your team. Whether sessions are needed weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or termly, we deliver a challenging, engaging fitness session full of weights, burpees, boxing, challenges, and all with an upbeat, feel-good playlist while we get fit and have fun!

Fitness Team
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