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Menopause Workshop

Menopause and the Path to Wellness:

A 5 Week Programme to Help Women Feel Empowered During Menopause. 


Over the 5 weeks, you’re going to learn some of the most important things you need to know about menopause.
In addition to learning the stages of menopause (and why some women don’t even know they’re in it until it’s over!), you’ll uncover powerful strategies for optimizing your nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and mindset.

Even better? You’ll build a personalized, comprehensive health and fitness plan that will help you feel energized and empowered throughout this stage of life.

In this Programme, you’ll:

Discover ways to immediately increase your energy, improve your sleep, and reduce your stress.


Define exactly what you want for this stage of life by getting really clear on 3 crucial things.


Get the truth about hormones and weight gain during menopause. (Hint: Most people get this very, very wrong.)


Learn how to put 4 critical nutrition skills into practice — and why restrictive diets won’t get sustainable results.


Uncover the secret to preventing (or even reversing) age-related bone and muscle loss. Bonus: Get 4 weeks of done-for-you strength training workouts appropriate for menopause.


Transform your mindset with 3 powerful strategies, specially designed to help you overcome common obstacles.

Be sure to complete your homework! They’re designed to work interactively with the programme — if you skip them, you won’t get the full value, and the lessons you learn will be less likely to positively impact your life.

But by investing just some time in yourself you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to change your own life and meet new people going through a similar situation.

Starting in the New Year of 2024,

Day Time Workshop - Monday 8th January, 12.15-1.15pm, 

Evening Workshop - Tuesday 30th January 7.30 - 8.30pm,

Day Time Workshop - Friday 23rd February 11am.

coffee and tea included, if you would be interested please complete the sign up form:

Usual Price is £75 for the 5 weeks but we currently have fully funded spaces.

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