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Nutrition Plans

Our Nutrition Plans are completely tailored made to you!

3 Month Nutrition Plan


What’s included:


During the introductory consultation, your background history will be discussed. This will include:


Medical history

Medication(s) you may be taking.

Previous goals and attempts (what went well and what didn’t, any why?)

Dietary, physical activity and exercise habits

Barriers that may get in the way of you achieving your goals

Realistic goals and timeframes will be agreed upon


You will be provided with dietary advice that is tailored to fit in with your needs to help you achieve your health/fitness goals.


Supplement advice will also be provided. 


Your calorie and macronutrient requirements will be calculated (if requested).


Personalised meal plans can also be included (if requested).


There will be regular follow ups to adjust the plan (when necessary) to ensure you progress towards your goals, and to help you overcome barriers/address any concerns you may have.


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