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GH Muscle Therapy

Gavin Harrop

The Muscle Therapist

Hello my name is Gavin Harrop, my purpose is to help people feel better by making you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and promote a better wellbeing.

When I left school all those years ago I wasn’t sure on the direction I wanted to go, I had a passion for the touch of healing and I knew I’d enjoy providing a Massage Therapy to people. However I enrolled on a fitness for the forces course, A-level biology & business studies courses, this was to give me the flexibility to choose a few directions if I was successful. I had the ambition to focus on passing these courses and then head into the field of learning how to deliver a massage.

In the end I didn’t finish my time at college and decided to join the British Army as a Royal Artillery Gunner. I successfully passed my basic training and continued to second phase training to become a basic signaller. On completion I chose to go to 39 Heavy Regiment where I was attached to the unit of 57 Bty, a locating Bty where I learned to operate phoenix an Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) for reconnaissance. After 6 enjoyable years I decided it was no longer for me and headed back into civilian life and to settle down with my partner and create a family life.

I had many jobs working for agencies from driving class 1 tankers, fork trucking and factory work. During this time I was able to settle at Aalps College who cater for young adults with learning difficulties within the Autism spectrum, this was very rewarding and also demanding at the same time but gave me some life experiences & understanding.

Currently I work at the local Steelworks, 10 years contracting and 7 years employed with British Steel. I was fortunate enough to be enrolled onto the 1st cohort of the Manufacturing Apprenticeship Scheme in 2017. During the past 7 years I have witnessed some difficult times from the steelworks closing for good, to then be bought by Jingye, to then be hit with the Covid crisis and now the restructuring of the future of the steelworks to eliminate the carbon footprint.

Covid is where I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and how I wanted to develop my skills outside of the steelworks and to enhance my skill set. I reengaged with my passion to pursue being a Massage Therapist. I felt I was missing something from my life and always wondered if I could fulfil my goal, after a little research I came across a local lady who has over 20 years within the industry with her own therapy business who also taught at the local college to students. On meeting with her and outlining my goals, she was able to offer me training to work around my current job. 

She was surprised at how much of a natural I was in learning the techniques and more importantly applying the touch. Before long I had gained the qualifications in Swedish massage, Oncology & Cupping under the diploma of the Worldwide Accreditation of International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

I have been qualified since March 2023, I have been able to provide a relaxing environment for clients to come to my home for treatments. I was sceptical at first due to me being a male and to encourage females to have the confidence & trust to come for a treatment. Surprisingly 95% of my clients are female, they tell me “I make them feel at ease, comfortable, safe and appreciate my professionalism towards there modesty”.

Very recently the Perimenopause/Menopause has become at the forefront and recognised within companies at all levels. Companies are being educated and advised due to the struggles imposed on you as individuals going through this process and the impact it has on the daily/working lifestyle to your wellbeing.

This got me thinking, how I can help relieve these symptoms by the power of touch. On researching for local organisations or therapy treatments I discovered there wasn’t a lot being offered locally. This made me search a little more to UK wide on the internet to see if anything at all was being provided, I successfully came across a Wellbeing business located in Cambridgeshire offering a 4 Point Missile Menopause Treatment Course.


Bingo, I had something to work to…..

And here we are, I am able to provide you ladies this unique treatment to assist in the symptoms of Perimenopause/Menopause.

Gavin's Experience is:

International practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) Diploma certified in Swedish massage, Deep tissue, Oncology & Cupping.

International practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) Diploma certified post graduate Menopause Massage Diploma.


If you would like to make a booking with Gavin or have any questions, please contact him:

Tel: 07810 771262

Zoe Fletcher: TeamMember
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