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Ella Morton

Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer

Hello my names Gabri(Ella), and I’m about all things health and wellness.


I’ve been interested in fitness from a young age through my dads love for running. I’ve been running 10ks since the age of 14, and ran my first official Lincoln 10k when I was 16. 

Since then fitness has been a massive part of my life for the last 6 years. As I’ve matured through my journey, my main goal the last 3 years has been to get strong. Through the Covid lockdowns, I found a true love in lifting heavy weights and building muscle, not fearing the masculinity thats often associated with gaining muscle mass. 


My physical health journey has been a wild ride. I’ve struggled with exercise addiction, eating disorders, body image, depression, and experienced a mental breakdown due to past trauma. 


Though I wouldn’t change my story, as I strongly believe its made me the woman I am today, the lessons I’ve had to learn throughout however painful, are now priceless to me and the knowledge I’ve gained I use to help clients who come to me with similar situations. 


After using exercise as a form of emotional punishment, I now use it as a celebration of what my body can do. I’ve learnt to listen to my body and move in ways that feel good for it. 


I’ve worked as both a class fitness instructor and small group trainer since May 2021 and a 1:1 PT since September 2021.



Ella's Education and Qualifications:

Level 2 Fitness Instructing

Level 3 Personal Training

First Aid

Currently studying:


CBT therapy 

Mindfulness therapy

Future qualifications:

Level 3 Referral 

Level 4 in Diabetics and Obesity 

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