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The Red Stop Project

"Breaking Barriers, Building Hope: Red Stop Project - Empowering Youth Mental Wellness."

In a world where the struggles of mental health, self-harm, and suicide among young people often remain hidden in shadows, the Red Stop Project emerges as a beacon of hope and understanding. Aimed at destigmatising these critical issues, the Red Stop Project is a comprehensive initiative designed to empower youth to address and overcome the challenges they face.



The Red Stop Project is driven by a singular mission: to create a supportive environment where young people feel safe to openly discuss and seek help for their mental health concerns, without fear of judgment or stigma.


Core Values:

Empowerment: The project operates on the principle that every young person has the right to access resources and support to foster their mental well-being.

Education: Through education and awareness campaigns, the Red Stop Project seeks to break down misconceptions and promote understanding of mental health issues.

Community: Building a supportive community is at the heart of the project, fostering connections among young people and providing avenues for open dialogue and support.


Key Initiatives:

Awareness Campaigns: The Red Stop Project organises targeted campaigns to raise awareness about mental health, self-harm, and suicide prevention, utilising various media channels and educational materials.

Peer Support Networks: Recognising the power of peer support, the project establishes networks where young people can connect with others who have shared experiences, offering empathy, understanding, and solidarity.

Resource Hubs: Central to the project are resource hubs where young people can access information, tools, and professional support services tailored to their needs.

Training and Workshops: The Red Stop Project offers training sessions and workshops for educators, parents, and community members to equip them with the knowledge and skills to support youth mental health effectively.


In a world often plagued by silence and stigma, the Red Stop Project stands as a beacon of hope, guiding young people toward a future where mental health is embraced, understood, and supported by all.


The Red Stop Project runs alongside the Girls and Boys Fitness Sessions same days and times.

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