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How to stop hating your body

“My body is disgusting when I lose weight then I will LOVE it, then I will be HAPPY then my life will be complete”

I would love to say I never hear this but unfortunately, I hear it too often.

And right now when you are having to slow down are you finding you are struggling even more with the hating inner narrative.

If yes then I’m here to empower you know that your body no matter what shape or size IS AMAZING.

To empower you to commit to working on changing the beliefs and negative stories you have around your body BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT TRUE.

To empower you to in the moment when you catch yourself talking crappy to YOU STOP, BREATHE AND ASK WOULD I SAY THIS TO MY BEST FRIEND? WOULD I SAY THIS TO MY LITTLE GIRL SELF?

You may not be fully aware, but those hateful words and stories attach to your body are getting in the way of you living to your true potential.

I’ve never spoken to anyone who can say that hating their body is bringing in positive results. In fact, all it does lead to suffering on so many levels.

  • Not wearing shorts because you’re hiding your cellulite, so you boil to death in the heat

  • Causing problems with your partner you can’t be fully intimate because you feel ashamed of your body as you are right now

  • Missing out on holidays/events because you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin

  • Self-sabotage because you don’t feel like you deserve to feel good.

This place is crappy and lonely and YOU do not deserve to be stuck there.

Take it one day at a time and at the beginning focus on getting to a place of body neutrality rather than feeling overwhelmed and like your failing because you haven’t shifted straight into the self-love club.

Focus on doing everything from a place of self-compassion, kindness, and love because when you do that you act and feel differently so your behaviours will mirror this.

I use to spend my days hating and shaming my body but then I realised my body is a miracle and so is yours.

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