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Anxiety in the Menopause

Anxiety during menopause can manifest in various ways but knowing the signs can help you know when to seek help in managing it.

1) Worry and apprehension: Constantly feeling on edge or worried.

2) Racing thoughts: your mind may fell like its in overdrive.

3) Physical symptoms: muscle tension, heart palpitations, shortness of breath.

4) Panic attacks: sudden intense episodes of fear or dread.

5) Trouble concentrating: difficulty focusing on tasks.

6) Sleep problems: insomnia or restless nights.

7) Social withdrawal: avoiding social situations due to anxiety.

Whilst the decline in sex hormones maybe a contributor to menopausal anxiety, often it unmasks underlying imbalances that have been mitigated by sex hormones. Nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, poor blood sugar, low thyroid function, disregulated cortisol can all be the cause of anxiety symptoms.

Menopause and Anxiety
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